Meet The

S. Braden Breinholt

Brady started his professional career in real estate and quickly became one of the top-producing sales agents. He managed and trained agents across six offices before leaving to pursue an MBA. As an Operations Manager, he played a key role in increasing the on-time delivery rate from 7% to 85.6%, a success that propelled him to the next phase of his career. For nearly a decade, Brady has financed over $300MM in real estate through development, sales, marketing, and a focus on managing the manufacture of homes from bottom to top. This includes domestic and, soon, international operations.

Dr. Travis Fox

Travis has spent the last twenty-five years architecting businesses and companies, beginning his career in real estate under the mentorship of Robert Allen. His focus has been on strategic marketing, development, processes, and sales for single-family homes, multi-unit complexes, and development projects. Over the years, Travis has successfully closed deals worth millions. He specializes in optimizing systematization, negotiations, and sales, allowing his teams to manage and complete projects end-to-end.

Phillip Henderson

With 25 years of experience in business and construction management, Phillip is the owner and operator of Dynasty Concrete LLC & DC Management LLC. Dynasty Concrete is renowned for specializing in the development of residential homes and commercial properties, always prioritizing quality over quantity. Throughout the years, Phillip has consistently contributed to the community and worked towards keeping Omaha clean.

His generous donations to local charities, such as The Wounded Warriors, Family Support Fund, Cystic Fibrosis CF walk, Cancer Research Society, and Children’s Hospital, reflect his deep-rooted commitment to giving back. Recognized with the Integrity Award by the Better Business Bureau, he takes immense pride in the professionalism of his company and employees, consistently turning customers’ dreams into reality.

Karen Wallis

Karen has always focused her efforts on improving the process. She accomplished this during her time in mental-health administration, where she grew her client base by 57% through optimizing services and service providers.  As a project manager in the AV industry Karen applied her experience to logistics and documentation for a fast-growing company. Her weekly reporting to the international executive team taught her the importance of tracking and extrapolating company growth.  Her time in corporate America prepared her to partner with her husband in growing sPanels, a structural insulated panel manufacturing plant, into Modern Fortress where Karen will oversee the implementation of new plants around the world.

Chris Wallis

Chris is the owner and operator of sPanels LLC, a company established in 2004 that specializes in structural insulated panels and is based in Idaho Falls. Having worked his way up since 2011, he took the helm as CEO and sole proprietor in 2019. His passion for business efficiencies and the creation of innovative, superior, and ecologically sustainable products is evident. To date, he has overseen the production of over 455 buildings in various parts of the country. Currently, he is leading the company’s expansion, opening manufacturing plants across the USA and on an international level.

Jennifer Cannon

Jennifer is a graduate from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Accounting and Finance with 8+ years of accounting experience, including tax preparation and fractional CFO services. Working with small and medium businesses is where her expertise lies. Jennifer loves working with clients, partnering with them to become more successful by taking the accounting work off of their hands and allowing them to focus on their business.