Manufacturing SIPs

The Shell


CAD Drawings of Your Projects

Structures are custom-built to match your specific design requirements. Once you provide us with your construction plans, our team at sPanels transforms them into CAD drafting drawings for your approval.

After you approve the drawings, we create your custom panel package, including all necessary components and accessories. These panels, complete with features such as doors, windows, rakes, and pre-cut blocking, can be ordered directly from the factory. Upon delivery, the system is immediately ready for installation.

Use Superior Panels

Our panels are superior in transverse and axial-loading capabilities and maintain increased racking resistance over conventional framing. sPanels are a stronger and safer alternative to traditional construction methods.

Airtight Construction

sPanels provide insulation values that surpass conventional framing and insulating techniques. The nearly airtight construction affords occupants enhanced control over the interior temperature and conditions.

This improved control not only results in energy efficiency but also manages and reduces heating and fuel costs that might otherwise spike in extreme cold or high-heat weather condition.

Fast And Efficient

Home Shell Process

Home Shell construction is quicker and more efficient than the traditional stick framing process. This saved time allows builders to “close in” the job sooner, offering a more secure environment and an earlier start to the interior work.

Eco-Friendly Building


Made With Partially Recycled Materials

sPanels used in construction offer numerous environmental benefits. They’re made with oriented strand board (OSB) derived from fast-growing trees and use partially recycled material in the polystyrene foam. Experience faster construction times with these energy-efficient products today.

Consume Less Energy

Our homes contribute to reduced energy consumption thanks to their high R-Values, which dramatically limit energy loss through thermal bridging. This superior insulation effectiveness helps reduce energy loss, thus aiding homeowners in saving money on their energy bills.

Walls & Roofing


Stronger And Straighter Wall Panels

Compared to traditional wall systems, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) stand out for their superior strength and straightness, presenting a unique alternative. Our SIPs are recognized as one of the few environmentally-friendly framing products available in the market.

Build With SIPs

Our SIPs are constructed from two layers of oriented strand board (OSB), which are structurally laminated and pressure-cured to a solid foam insulation core. These SIPs not only outperform wood-framed walls in strength, but they also absorb external noises and contribute to energy cost savings. Opt for our SIPs today and experience a dramatic reduction in air infiltration within your home.


Vertical And Horzontal Chases

All our wall systems come with pre-installed horizontal and vertical chases to facilitate the installation of electrical wiring and plumbing lines. Furthermore, all window and door headers and seals are pre-engineered. We put in this effort to make their integration into your home as seamless as possible.

We stand behind our products with a limited 20-year warranty against any defects or delamination. This assurance safeguards all parties involved, and provides peace of mind knowing that you’re using the highest quality panels available.

Framing & Flooring


Get The Right Framing And Flooring For Your Home

When evaluated against traditional roof systems, SIPs emerge as the top alternative. Our sPanels are built with two sheets of Oriented Strand Board (OSB), which are structurally laminated and pressure-cured to a rigid foam insulation core. These sPanel SIPs have undergone rigorous testing for extended spans and increased snow loads.

Superior Structural Connection

Our systems are straightforward to install, thanks to details in the recesses that ease the connection between panels. Installing sPanels is markedly more efficient and quicker, and it generates less on-site waste compared to conventional stick framing. Typically, our projects are erected within days, not weeks.

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