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Throw out the Sticks We Supply you SIPS

Build high-quality, energy-efficient homes in just 3 months and slash your labor costs by 60%. More comfortable with a smaller carbon footprint and better indoor air quality.

Pioneers With Purpose

The Genesis of Modern Fortress

Brought together by their shared vision of transforming the housing market, a dream team of seasoned professionals embarked on a groundbreaking journey.

Drawing from diverse backgrounds in real estate, wealth management, strategic marketing, and eco-friendly construction, our team passionately refined and optimized the approach to using SIPs in home building.

Their mission? To shape a future where every person could live in a high-quality, energy-efficient home, without breaking the bank. And so, Modern Fortress was born.

Fueled by their combined experience, unyielding dedication, and a relentless drive to innovate, this team didn’t just set out to build homes. They set out to make a difference.

Every Modern Fortress home stands as a testament to their ambition – a beacon of change, signaling a new era in affordable, sustainable living.

Join us, as we redefine the norms and usher in a revolution, one home at a time.

Challenging the Status Quo

Unleashing the Power of SIPs

We live in a world where traditional home building methods are becoming unaffordable. Rising costs, lengthy construction times, and sustainability concerns have become the harsh realities of the housing market. But there’s a better way!

Modern Fortress embraces innovation over traditional methods, proving that quality, affordability, and eco-friendliness can coexist through Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

These pre-fabricated, ready-to-install panels reduce labor costs and construction time, while providing stronger walls and enhancing home value.

With SIPs, we’re not just addressing housing-market challenges; we’re revolutionizing the industry. Welcome to a future of affordable, quick, and sustainable homebuilding.

Throw out the Sticks and Use SIPs!

The Old Way

Traditional Construction

Lengthy due to multiple stages including framing, insulation and exterior work.

Expensive labor costs, separate insulation costs, and subcontracting for various stages.

Bigger crews of framers, insulators, painters, and contractors required.

Separate insulation required, adding to the time and cost.

Complicated steps to complete exterior work.

Traditional materials often face greater vulnerability to environmental wear and pests.

Substantial training required for each construction phase.

Traditional construction often results in less flexible designs.

Most homebuilders offer only a 1-year warranty.

Traditional materials can result in lower energy efficiency, increasing both environmental impact and utility costs.

The expensive, slow choice!

The New Way

Modern Fortress

Construction time reduced substantially as SIPs arrive fully assembled, ready for immediate installation.

Significant cost savings as SIPs eliminate the need for additional framing, insulation, or exterior work.

Due to SIPs' ready-to-install design, you only need a small crew.

Each panel is expertly designed with integrated insulation for enhanced efficiency.

Panels arrive finish-ready and outdoor-ready, eliminating the need for additional exterior work.

Panels boast resistance to weather, mold, pests, fire, and moisture, ensuring superior durability and safety for your home.

One all-inclusive training covers all aspects of handling and installing SIPs.

Choose from four customizable designs, tailored to adapt and match homeowner preferences.

Modern Fortress offers a 20-year structural warranty on homes.

Unmatched energy efficiency, thanks to the advanced design of our SIPs.

Outstanding, high-quality affordable homes!

Modern Fortress Revolutionaries

Multiplying Profits, Minimizing Waste

At Modern Fortress, we're not just in the business of building houses; we're shaping the future of housing itself. Imagine being part of a revolution where everyone involved enjoys a wealth of advantages.

Builders & Developers

You’re armed with more than just our cutting-edge SIPs. We equip you with a comprehensive tool kit – from audits and foolproof plans, to in-depth documentation, transforming the unpredictable construction journey
into a step-by-step path to success. 

SPanels History

You’ll be the proud owners of an exceptional home that doesn’t break the bank, but instead, breaks records in energy efficiency, and where design brilliance is paramount. Experience this unique intersection of artistry and sustainable living.

Modern Fortress

Each home we complete, each happy homeowner in a delighted homeowner’s eye, reinforces our commitment to revolutionize the housing industry. Every design innovation is a testament to our unyielding dedication to excellence and our vision for a better, more sustainable future in homebuilding.

Have Questions?

We Have Answers.

The process of constructing a SIP home or commercial building starts with the development of construction documents. Once these documents reach a SIP manufacturer, dealer, distributor, or design professional, they are transformed into SIP shop drawings, which provide the dimensions for each individual panel. These shop drawings are then reviewed by the builder, engineer, building owner, and any other parties involved. Once everyone has approved the shop drawings, the SIPs are fabricated and then shipped to the job site, ready for installation.

SIP homes are constructed faster than traditional framed buildings. With a well-trained SIP installation crew, labor costs can be reduced by over 60 percent compared to stick framing. At sPanels, we manufacture panels as large as 4ft by 24ft, enabling entire walls to be erected swiftly, which also minimizes drying time. SIPs can arrive at the jobsite as ready-to-install components, thus eliminating the need for individual framing, insulating, and sheathing operations of stick-framed walls.

Window openings can be pre-cut into the panels, eliminating the need for a separate header depending on the size. In addition, electrical chases are usually incorporated within the core of the panels, removing the necessity to drill through studs for wiring.

The structural properties of SIPs are comparable to a steel I-beam. The OSB skins serve as the flange of the I-beam, with the rigid foam core functioning as the web. This design enhances the ability of SIPs to manage in-plane compressive loads. Moreover, SIPs can be engineered for a broad range of applications.

There’s no need for air or vapor barriers in SIP buildings, as properly sealed SIPs already provide a code-compliant air barrier with a permeability rating of less than 1.0 perm. Moreover, the continuous and solid foam core of a SIP eliminates the problems of convection and condensation that can occur in cavity walls.

Most construction processes involving SIPs are quite similar to those of conventional framing. SIPs accept dimensional lumber and can be fastened with staples, nails, or screws. Proper sealing is paramount in a SIP structure, requiring all joints to be sealed with a specially designed, low-expanding SIP foam sealant. Any voids between panels and unused electrical chases should also be filled with this low-expanding foam. Beyond sealing, careful planning and consideration need to be applied to material handling.

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