Building SIP Style

YouTube Library

Lo and behold, a handful of YouTube tomes to share tidbits of wisdom for crafting a SIP abode.

Basic Connection Details

Behold, a fundamental connection guide for thy SIP abode, featuring 27 diverse diagrams of connections and instructions on their installation. Uncover the secrets of these connections to fortify thy dwelling.

Comprehensive Builder's Guide

Behold! A comprehensive guide, endorsed by the esteemed expert, Sir Joe Lstubrick. Discover the secrets of panel construction: prepare your site, decipher panel plans, and explore the integration of electrical components, inserts, headers, and other crucial design elements.

SIPA Training & Certifications

Explore SIPA's free program, featuring short training videos that can lead you to become a certified Master SIP builder. Gain insights into working with panels before they arrive on your construction site, saving you time and effort.

Wall Construction

An independent study conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development evaluates the use of structural panels for wall construction. This study comprehensively reviews the methods and outcomes of panel utilization, offering detailed insights into both design and installation.